When medals are not being worn it is required for those in uniform such as Military, Police, Fire Service,  Ambulance Service, St Johns Ambulance to wear bars bearing strips of ribbon denoting those medals awarded.

We are manufacturers of ribbon bars to numerous services. We have the correct brass bars and clips made to create customised ribbon bars. The bars are affixed to the uniform with a clutch pin which causes minimal damage to clothing and uniforms.

For Police, Fire and Ambulance Services we are able to plastic coat the ribbon bar to provide a wipe clean surface.

Prices are as follows: 

1st space $10. Thereafter each space is $5 up to a maximum of 4 spaces ($25 total), at which stage a second row commences starting at $10 and so on.

1 Ribbon                                           $10
2 Ribbons                                          $15
3 Ribbons                                          $20
4 Ribbons                                          $25
5 Ribbons ( 4 plus 1 )                          $35
6 Ribbons ( 4 plus 2 )                          $40
7 Ribbons ( 4 plus 3 )                          $45
8 Ribbons ( 4 plus 4 )                          $50

Please note that any emblems such as rosettes or numerals required are additional. These are generally $10 each 



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